Friday, July 29, 2011

Rereading some of the older posts, trying to figure out what's going on, and the one thing that bothers me about them? Nick lied. In the manuscript he was writing. Maybe he was just trying to hide his identity ("Mike"? Really? As if I didn't know that's your middle name), but there was a big deal about things.

Our parents died in 2009, not 2004, as bystanders in a car wreck. They were eating lunch in a diner when a largish truck plowed through. They were killed instantly, along with around five or six others, including the driver.

Shit like that bothers me.

Edit: Also, I'm getting annoyed with the changes to my profile. It won't let me change my picture back to what it was when I first started, but I think I can redo the background so it's not so blinding.


  1. Two years belated, apparently, but my condolences for your parents. No one told me.

  2. I never lied. But that is how I remembered it. He did...something to my head, Jackson.