Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How do I get home?

I woke up this morning on the couch, and for the first time in more than half a month I felt okay enough to actually fire up my laptop. Apparently my roommate found my new camera (more on that in a bit) yesterday and happened to have it on her to record something bizarre, which turned out, in the end, to be me, showing up passed out on the floor in front of the door. (There's more to it, I've seen the video, but I don't know what to make of it.)

I've read the updates, I've seen the video on my new YouTube account (that, while I don't remember making, I have the password to. It's registered to my email, to boot), and so far as I can tell, on June 27th, I became aware long enough to record about five minutes of rambling, splice it together with a bit of the other footage on the camera, and render it into a ready-to-upload file, but before I could actually, y'know, upload it, I was gone again. My roommate said that early in July, I used my trimmer to basically shear most of my hair off and then disappeared, leaving a note with rent money and an assurance that I'd be back. And then last night happened.

Anyway, the camera. I had taken my old digital camera to the park with me. Can't rightly remember why, I think it was because I thought I saw something in the trees the day before. Everything that happened on the video that was posted (from my camera, I might add) is what I remember. I walked into the pavilion, walked by that table, and it was empty. When I turned back around, the camera was there. It's a Flip, white, and appears to have a one-hour memory. I reached out to pick it up and see what it was doing there, and the next thing I remember is waking up this morning. I don't remember...well, anything you'll see. I don't remember recording a video on June 27th, and I sure as hell don't remember whatever happened that made my Mystery Poster happy.

Whoever attacked me, left me there, made me forget everything, also took my original digital camera, and left me with the Flip. Normally, I'd be happy to have a new camera, but right now? I'm just angry. I don't like losing time, and I especially don't like to apparently do things that I don't remember doing. It's infuriating. So, mystery man? I'm going to find you. And when I do, I'm going to hurt you. And you're going to tell me what you know about yourself, and about why my brother is missing, but apparently still able to post to the internet. Just remember that.

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