Monday, July 25, 2011

Re: laughing

Ugh. Woke up this morning to a notice in my email saying that I have a video response, and sure enough, that's it. Hopefully people can see it now. It's...well, it's creepy. And quite frankly, it pisses me off.


  1. Let me see if I can figure this out.

    Jackson got drunk, and somehow managed to lock himself out with his camera. Then he filmed creepy shit because apparently that's what he does for fun when he's drunk.

    Mystery solved, Jackson.

  2. I've been reading through this.

    Something is wrong.

    Last time around, there was only one Telemachus. Now, there seem to be two of you.

    If you two would be so kind as to figure out which of you is the right one, we might be able to make some progress.

  3. @Golgate: That'd be mine.
    @Tad: Bro, I'm sitting in the room. You can see the back of my head, I'm at the laptop. The one I'm sitting at right now.
    @20851952119 (That's a strange name, by the way): I had to look that up, and I can't see what you mean by "two of you". I'm not the son of Odysseus.

  4. I'm not Telemachus. I am not looking for someone.

    ...who is Telemachus again?

  5. I looked it up, GolGate. Telemachus is the son of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey.

    Not sure what exactly our mysterious person had in mind there. Or, for that matter, what their name means.

  6. No, Jackson. There's no one there.

  7. ...judging from the past events from both of you, you guys must have different eye structures from mine.

    Sometimes I can't see what you're seeing, and sometimes I think I see what you didn't see.

    Well, the latter would've been me being insomniac.

  8. Names are tricky and mercurial things, Telemachus-that-should-not-be. Perseus fights a Gorgon that is not, after all.

    Yet he still has a shield, and used in the same manner. Odd. I had not considered that.

    Odysseus was your father, but unfortunately for the world, he has died, and neither of you are half the man he was.

  9. My eyes are fine. I showed it to Dani. There's no one there.

  10. Tad, I know that you won't trust me, but that W.G.Vye (who I'm pretty sure has another name but decided to hide behind the random(ized) handle) sent an email to me, saying that "I can see him".

    Be on your guards, Jackson. Whoever this guy is can film in your house, and that's not a good sign at all.