Monday, August 15, 2011

Two days of searching.

Still nothing. Jackson did leave his camera in his car, though, and I did take some video, but there's a problem. First, there's nothing of interest around here. I've seen where he filmed, but I found nothing. The other problem is that my voice doesn't...record properly. I damn near went deaf when I played back a short recording with me talking over the camera. The same when I try to film myself. The camera goes haywire.

I'm really not supposed to be here, am I?


  1. Going in is one thing, coming out is another. Entering is easy, coming out is...well, I'm sure you're now aware of just how painful it can be.

    I bought my way out, greasing the way in blood. You, though, you think you escaped, don't you? Silly Telemachus, this world is too full for you. If you want a place here, you have to carve it out. But you won't. Even though you've seen the other side, you won't pay that price.

  2. How much longer am I going to have to hunt to find my brother? Damn it, old man, tell me where he is!

    ...fuck, I just heard a noise at the door. First sound since I've been here. Maybe Jackson's finally back.

  3. I'd tell you not to open the door, but I'm probably too late.

  4. Oh, Telemachus, don't be an ass. You know where your brother is. You just don't want to accept it.