Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fuck that.

So I've been sick a few days, right? And on top of that, for two of them I can't even access the internet. I come back, and this happens. Whoever this W. G. guy is, I'm not very happy with him right now. I've undone that...image. (Yes, it's of me, but I don't remember doing that at all. Honestly it's a bit fucked up.)

The internet (which, yes, we were leeching, wasn't my system) died on us, so the roommate and I finally decided to get good internet. So we had to have a new cable line installed. Kind of sucks, but hey, in the end I have excellent internet and connectivity to continue to berate you all for...really whatever the hell I want.

Been hearing noises in the crawlspace under my apartment. The landlord swears he doesn't know a thing about it, and the cable guys got the fuck out of there really quickly, but I still haven't been able to figure it out. Maybe I'll go down there and take a look.

And maybe I'll get a chance to go to the park soon. You never know. I've been thinking of uploading some of the silent 360x240 video my digital camera takes to YouTube. If I get a chance, I'll upload a video of the park. It really is a nice place.

And, just so I remember, here's the picture that was uploaded to my banner:

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